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History AND Direct?


I assume I’m talking to all the smart kids in class. Just because you’re engineers and designers, well, all that math and science weeded out the rest, right? And of course I assume that as the smart kids in class, we all watch the Big Bang Theory, and can relate to the problems of nerds. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette each provides something for us to relate to. Sometimes in a “yeah, that happens to me all the time” sort of way, and sometimes in a “don’t you hate when that happens” way.

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Can a History-Based Move Face Command Match Synchronous Technology?

There is an on-going discussion about whether a history-based “move face” feature can be as effective as the Synchronous Technology Steering Wheel.

Let’s take a couple of specific examples.

SNAG-00001. Starting with the end of a block with rounds and an angled face. It doesn’t matter if this part is native or imported, just that the history-based move face feature is the only thing used to make the edit.

Solid Edge accomplishes the task easily. And it offers several options for the results, including changing the angles of the sides, not changing the angles of the sides, lifting the flat face up (adding sides). Read more on Can a History-Based Move Face Command Match Synchronous Technology?…

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