Viewers for Solid Edge

I recently started looking into the issue of viewers in Solid Edge, and was initially a bit confused. Fortunately some nice folks straightened me out. There are two main viewers you want to concern yourselves with when using Solid Edge. The main viewer is just called Solid Edge Viewer, and it installs with the software as well as being downloadable for free separately. 0003With the Solid Edge Viewer you can open asm, dft, par, psm, and pwd, all the standard Solid Edge file types, as well as dxf, dwg, and cgm for 2D files. You can also read JT docs which are the new ISO standard. JT is a nice format, and can include a lot of different types of information. The SE Viewer also reads PCF files (packaged collaboration file), which includes JT and some additional metadata type information. It’s a package like a zip file. You can add other document types to the PCF, such as XLS or JPG. I’ve never used this type of file, and am curious to see what kind of thing can be done with it.

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