Date – April 20, 2015

Who Put the “Dumb” in “Dumb Geometry?” (video)


I’ll tell you who put the “dumb” in “dumb geometry”: It was someone who only used history-based CAD, that’s who. It must be frustrating to lose ALL of your power to edit parts when you exchange CAD files with someone who uses a different CAD system, isn’t it? Even if another user of your software saves out in a neutral format, and you read it in, you’ve got nothing. No features. No dimensions. No intelligence. No ability to make changes. You can’t even delete individual features. And that is a painful place to be. How many lost nights and weekends, how much money has your company literally flushed because you had to recreate data transferred data, or use “hack and whack” editing to cut away and rebuild areas of parts instead of just editing them?

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