Enter a Cool Contest and Learn Solid Edge

Designing kids toys is some of the most fun you can have while still technically doing “work”. On top of that,  they are giving out prizes for the top 10 designs. And even better, you can get Solid Edge software for free, and we will show you how to use it in a free 30 minute webinar. Yes, we have finally lost our minds because this is just SO crazy cool.

Let’s go through this once more:

Solid Edge has partnered up with Razor, Keyshot, and Grabcad to bring you this contest.

There are several ways to get cheap or even free Solid Edge software. Go to this blog post to select the option that’s right for you. If you’re new to Solid Edge, you should definitely take advantage of the 30 minute webinar above.

Do it. Do it NOW!

Updated: January 11, 2014 — 1:08 pm


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  1. The Razor guys continue to amaze me. They took a hot product (original razor scooter — what 10-15 years ago?) and continue to build out an amazing product line (using Solid Edged Synchronous to do it!). Check out this latest product — I don’t know why I hadn’t seen this till yesterday. Looks like the funnest product EVER!


    And here is a pretty awesome interview with their designers and what they are getting done with Synchronous –> http://sie.ag/1kysM7G
    (this video is 4 years old, but still has some good insights in it)

  2. Wont be entering the competition myself but here is a doodle for someone to make use of in some way.
    Cross between skateboard , scooter, and a trolley.

    1. @Neil — and I thought your primary talent was posting witty and scathing comments on Matt’s blog. :-) I have underestimated you! NICE STUFF!!!


      1. Gee thanks Dan ;)

        If I can produce something that is ok then there are no excuses for not getting a whole lot of imaginative entries eh?. The thing is that turning the ideas into an engineering reality is not a quick process. I’m not sure many people would commit to it even given the prizes.
        btw I’ve left out ‘Toby’ according to my neighbours daughter so… and no I cant sketch dogs any better. :(

        1. Thanks for allowing this stuff to clutter your blog, Matt.
          Jennifer, next door(6 next week),wants a dog. It will be called ‘Toby’ regardless.
          If ‘Toby’ wasn’t part of a picture I would have been in a lot of trouble today. Kids… What about the scooter?, I wanted to know. Yup its ok. You didn’t draw Toby’s collar!
          Its going to be ‘Stormy’ the horse soon enough I fear ;)
          Sorry Razor guys tough market…

  3. BTW good luck to everyone! ;)

    1. For the child who already has everything else…and a nearby freeway.
      No excuses for being bored these holidays is there.
      Ok going now. Back not sure when.

      1. no wait one more.. use your Razer in the winter too. absolutely no more I promise.

        1. sorry for the extra white space Matt :(

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