Looking for Example SolidWorks Assemblies

Solid Edge wants to take a look at some examples of users SolidWorks assemblies, for those of you who have any of those and are able to share them. If you would like to contribute, do a Pack And Go to a zip file, and upload the zip file in the box at the bottom left hand side bar (says SolidWorks Example Assemblies). Max upload size 100 mb, zip and rar files only. The assemblies don’t have to be anything special, just representative of your work. I’m sure that confidentiality can be arranged if required. If you have special conditions you’d like to discuss, use skype or email.

Thanks for contributing.

Updated: October 24, 2012 — 3:45 pm


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  1. why do they want this?

    1. Well, Neil, that’s a great question. Not sure I rightly can say why they want it. Mebbe they’s jis a bit curious, dunno.  I wouldn’t send them anything super confidential, and I’d make sure that anything I sent was mine to send, if you know what I mean.

      Anyway, I’m sure they’ll be glad to take anything you want to submit.

  2. test set for the direct edit of imported components in an assy? live reposition of components? some sort of mate liverules… sounds interesting anyway… ;)

    1. ah! the new SE conceptual mechanical design system… :)

  3. have to assume there are already some files on the web at 3dcontentcentral and/or grabcad???

    1. Assemblies are rarer than you might think, and there’s a lot of trash on Grabcad. I can understand why they are still looking if they have already looked in the usual spots.

  4. Interesting, I’ve got over 1.5TB of SolidWorks files & I can’t share any of it it LOL.

    SolidEdge, just use the SolidWorks Sample files, you’ll find plenty of good and bad examples there. Some of the mistakes in the files are pretty bad.

    Cheers, Devon

    1. Oh and check out the SolidWorks Training files too, just Google to find them.

      Cheers, Devon


  5. This site appears to be open (I think there are sample files here):


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