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0043My old theme was nice. It was old, but I don’t mind old as long as it works. (There will come a time when you feel the same ;o) Still, you have to change things up every now and then. But the old theme was getting so old it apparently had some security problems, and wasn’t supported any longer by the author, so it was time to move on.

I got a new theme, but it turned out that a lot of you people who also like old stuff (as in old versions of Internet Explorer, blech!) told me that my new theme had some problems with old versions of Internet Explorer. Now, I should have just told you all to go fix your old version of IE by replacing it with Firefox or Opera, which would have helped both of us. But, it might be seen as rude to make you fix your browsers. Even when it’s inconvenient, it’s good policy to try to satisfy customers. Plus, changing the theme of the blog is usually a pretty easy thing to do.

So, I had to change the theme again. No problem. Part of  being a site administrator is “enabling” things – making them happen. For me, success means seeing a lot of people come to the site, and then coming back again and again. I succeed when you’re happy. The point is, if anybody has a problem with this site, please let me know.

Updated: December 10, 2013 — 9:53 pm


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  1. Wider is good. I wonder if it is possible to put the Recent Comments, Blogroll etc half wide boxes next to each other to make the page shorter?
    Keep enacting positive change. For the rest of you the opportunity for a New Years resolution looms ;)

    1. Neil, that’s something you can do in a lot of WP themes, and this one does have some capability with widget placement. I’ll have a look.

  2. Nice new layout Matt.

    Clean, good color, easy to read

  3. Thanks Matt. :)

    My browser’s not “that” old (IE9), and it’s what my employer supports, so… :)

  4. Matt one thing i would like to proposed, the image in the header, if you could have one with less visual effect, when we look at it the eyes goes cross side :-)

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