Solid Edge is More Than You Think

Since I’ve been working for the company, I tend to run into people who haven’t heard of Solid Edge, haven’t heard of them in 10 years and/or just assumed that Solid Edge was a low rent copy of Solid Works. Sounds like we have our work cut out for us, right? Solid Edge has been around for about 17 years, and while Edge and Works did look alike 15 years ago, there has been a lot of time for differentiation. The products look different. Edge uses the MS Ribbon, and Works uses something like the Ribbon they worked up themselves.

Even though the software interfaces look different, you can still produce great quality work with Solid Edge. The strength of Solid Edge is definitely in machine design, sheet metal, and that kind of thing, but people with too much time on their hands can still create some nice models and some great renderings. Here are a couple that were sent to me recently.

This first one is from Dan Vinson. Dan has a horde of cool models and renderings. I’m flattered that we got him to loosen his grip on a few of these so the rest of us can enjoy them as well.

layout 1



This second one comes from Doug Stainbrook, a field training guy. Nice textures and transparency. Keyshot and Paintshop Pro. Go Doug!


And finally, some work from a student – Yessenzhan Issenov from Heriot-Watt University.

Hot Rod_Issenov 3


Anyone have stuff you want to add? Solid Edge can do a lot of great things. Show off a little!

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  1. Here’s a recently done Machine 100% Synchronous Technology and a model of a 1803 Samual Gragg Chair. Both using Keyshot for the rendering.


    1. Very nice, Bob! And way to go on the others as well. Love it. Karsten

  2. Very nice work shown

  3. I like the new look of this site, but it has some issues. The text in the first paragraph seems to be cutoff on the right when viewed in IE and there’s no way to scroll.

    1. McKenzie,

      What version of IE are you using? I have 10 and it looks ok. It’s good on Firefox as well. Can you include a screen shot and let me know which version?

  4. Here you have the IF Design 2013 award winner lawn mower. Design by Grandesign working for Dormak. Grandesign uses Solid Edge as their 3D CAD tool.

  5. Here is a race boat we currently have under build. Hull shell is all flat patterned via sheet metal. Decks use a combination of flat and compound surfaces. All build framing was also developed from main model

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