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To try to keep up some of the momentum that Solid Edge University has produced, I want to start a new modeling project using Solid Edge for most of the parts. I might pick some up from libraries or bring them in as translated parts just to try to cover as many real-life situations as possible. This model needs to have some swoopy stuff, some sheet metal, castings, machined parts, and plastic parts. Maybe some stampings or forged parts, and flexible parts just to round it out. It needs to be an assembly with some motion, and I’d like to drive it or at least part of it with a master model technique. Solid Edge appears to have a couple of methods that could support master model scenarios.

The hard part is going to be to do this project in ST4, after having seen some of the cool stuff in ST5.

I’m leaning toward something with wheels for the model, but maybe you guys (and gals) can help me decide. It’s tough to do something that hasn’t been done before. Maybe a T-bucket hotrod, or an F1 car. They’ve already done a riding mower, but I could do a vacuum cleaner. Maybe a rolling tool cart. Or, I know, a $75,000 dune buggy. Naw, that one’s taken too. I’ve done a huge dump truck (in SW), and a motorcycle (in SW), as well as a Shelby Cobra, an indy car, a batmobile, and a Model A cartoon car. Oh, and a few aircraft.

I’m leaning toward the T-bucket. Or maybe a rat rod of some sort. Or that insane car from the Captain America movie. Or a stylized Dodge Power Wagon truck. It’s gotta be a little cartoony, if I make it realistic, everyone will expect it to be realistic, and I’m not sure I’ve got time to be modeling detail like check valves for the suspension. Any other suggestions?


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  1. How about a beach buggy? Always wanted one… ;)

    1. Even on the beach you guys drive on the wrong side. Sheesh. Seriously, that’s very cool, and I agree I’ve always wanted one too. It’s a little bit Rally Fighter – ish, though.

      1. Yeah on second thoughts the body is probably too difficult to do well in SE presently too… Back in 2008 I think was the hundredth anniversary of the Model T. I had the idea the SW community could do a detailed model of it but I never got around to mentioning it anywhere. Perhaps something like that…although of course a vintage car is not very racey…. ;)

        1. I don’t think the body will be too difficult for SE. The Cobra might have been tough, because it’s essentially all smooth.

          I like car shapes from the 40s best. Well, then and the late 60s, who doesn’t love the old Firebirds.

          We can jack up an old car shape as much as we like. There are no rules here, really. I’d probably add some modern shapes to a classic VW dune buggy.

          I had a Hot Wheels toy of the Red Baron t-bucket when I was a kid. Still love that stuff. ’70s swimsuit and all.


          1. well thats definitely a little more racey… I notice there is a car and a plane in that pic as well…

          2. Red Baron stuff is cool, I built a model of the Tri-plane when I was a kid.

            Matt, As far as surface modeling goes, have you played around with the hybrid concept of sync sketches and ordered surfaces?

            I think that it foreshadows the power that full blown sync surfacing will have in the future……

            I played around with this technique and it is very cool stuff…

            Here is a few vids from Utube






  2. 2nd the T-Bucket notion……had one, want another one. [they are sooo much fun]

    Have been considering accurately modelling (for a future build) one in SE myself for a while, but just never have the time.


    Just an idea here….could this maybe become an “OnTheEdge” *community* project?…could publish a list parts that are currently open for modelling (in native SE of course) by others.

    1. Those things were all the rage back in the 70s. Loved ’em. We’ve got a big Cruise In here in Roanoke this weekend. I’m sure I’ll see something I like there…

      On the “community sourced” idea, yeah, I think we could do that. I’m sure there are some parts I’ll need help with. Cool idea.

    2. The community input for elements is a fantastic idea. I would also be cool to see similar/same parts modeled in different ways by different people in the SE community.

  3. Johnny 5 with a new plastic make-over shell.

    He has: wheels and tracks, cylinders all over the place i.e. moving appendages everywhere, loads of sheet metal everywhere, probably a few castings, a tonne of machined bits. The only thing he’s missing is swoopy plastic bits, but as said he sure could use a new shell ;)

    1. Yeah, you know, a robot would be cool too. How many people remember that movie, though? That was the first Indian (Hindi) accent I ever heard. Well, I had an Indian (Iroquois) art teacher in junior high, who had a noticeable accent.

  4. In honor of Shelby’s passing finish out the Cobra with a chassis and engine.

    1. Yeah, doing up that Cobra right would be nice. I’m not sure how careful I have to be about mixing my metaphors – that was done for a JWiley book on SolidWorks Surfacing. Maybe we could skin another shelby, like a GT500


  5. Try to include some shapes that have a smooth ruled surface that blends into a rounded tip with smooth transition. Maybe include something with a conic surface.  Perhaps a three sided surface with a singularity.  Display some surface curvature details.  This will be difficult but enlightening.

    1. Yeah, I’ll throw the kitchen sink at it, see what happens.

  6. Or somthing a little different a power boat. If you want surfacing joys! the hull and deck can be split into developble and compounded. The overall lay out Bulkheads, floor, stringers, driven in the master model conecting to the outer hull. Then all the off the shelf components that need to be in the model with custom designed brackety.

    There is elegant and gentlmanly or Racey and insane!

    1. I love the wooden one. Retro and futuristic all in one fell swoop. Brilliant!

  7. That’s a very innovative idea. No one would have enough guts to do that kind of project. I hope this will turn out great and successful.

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