Solid Edge vs SolidWorks: Sketching, Part 1

There’s nothing meaningful I could do to compare the entire Solid Edge and SolidWorks programs in a single blog post. That’s why when I have taken the topic up on the Dezignstuff blog, I would bite off “small” areas like surfacing, sheet metal, or the overall interface. In this case I’m going to look at sketching, arguably the single most important function of any CAD program.

You might think Solid Edge and SolidWorks sketchers are pretty similar because they both use the (Siemens) Dcubed constraint solver. In the end, that similarity probably means that they share the strengths and weaknesses of Dcubed, but the comparison can’t be limited to that. The differences between them are much more structural. When you consider that Synchronous Technology has a big impact on sketching, the conceptual differences become even larger. Read more on Solid Edge vs SolidWorks: Sketching, Part 1…

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