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I recently started looking into the issue of viewers in Solid Edge, and was initially a bit confused. Fortunately some nice folks straightened me out. There are two main viewers you want to concern yourselves with when using Solid Edge. The main viewer is just called Solid Edge Viewer, and it installs with the software as well as being downloadable for free separately. 0003With the Solid Edge Viewer you can open asm, dft, par, psm, and pwd, all the standard Solid Edge file types, as well as dxf, dwg, and cgm for 2D files. You can also read JT docs which are the new ISO standard. JT is a nice format, and can include a lot of different types of information. The SE Viewer also reads PCF files (packaged collaboration file), which includes JT and some additional metadata type information. It’s a package like a zip file. You can add other document types to the PCF, such as XLS or JPG. I’ve never used this type of file, and am curious to see what kind of thing can be done with it.

0000The second viewer that Solid Edge users can take advantage of is the tool called View and Markup. It is the Solid Edge equivalent of eDrawings. Maybe not a 1:1 match, but it allows view, markup, measurement, assembly trees, motion, PMI (dimensions), section views, perspective, and saving to PCF with password security. It also has Revision Manager and an editor. 0004In addition to the types of files the Solid Edge Viewer can read, View and Markup can also read Parasolid, NX, Microstation, CoCreate/ME10, and STL files.

It will also cycle the markups, in the same way that eDrawings animates between drawing views.

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  1. While those viewers will view the native Solid Edge file types, don’t forget about the Solid Edge Mobile Viewer for iPad available from iTunes which uses a special output file from Solid Edge and XpresReview which works with the PCF files you mentioned above that are authored from Solid Edge’s View & Markup as well as NX.

  2. Another “viewer” of sorts would be 3D PDF (saved directly out of Solid Edge).  Who doesn’t have Adobe already installed on their computers (in regards to the recipient of such files)?  I expect this to be getting more and more attention as well.  It gets great feedback every time I show it to someone.

  3. Where can I download View and Markup viewer ?

    1. View and Markup is really not a different viewer. It is what we name the Solid Edge Viewer when it is embedded in the Solid Edge product. So if you want Viewing without a Solid Edge license, download the Solid Edge Free Viewer (= View and Markup) from


  4. Remember that if you want to do any measuring within the viewers, the file type needs to be PCF.

  5. why not ONE simple viewer for Solid Edge? where we can open the par, asm or dft and can make the measurements? like Solidworks

    why does it always have to be so complicated at siemens?

    Stop to think and finally copy the good things from the competition!!!

    Your solutions are really bullshit



    1. Donceod-

      I can speak a bit to eDrawings.

      First off eDrawings isn’t owned by Dassault Systems or SolidWorks. It is owned by a third party- Geometrics.
      Secondly, you have to pay for a markup and measurement version of eDrawings or if you are a SolidWorks users you to have a SW Professional license or higher to get this functionality. Either way you look at it, it isn’t “free”.
      Also, as Dan mentioned you are getting the same tool. One is embedded in SE the other is a standalone install.
      Another point, this viewer reads more native formats..have you looked at the versions that eDrawings is supporting these days??

      Take a look at the tool, see what it can do for you. Ask some more questions here and provide us an educated opinion.

  6. where do i put the *sev file on my tablet ?

    1. Couple approaches — you can email your SEV or you can put it in dropbox. When it gets “on your ipad” it will automatically associate with the Solid Edge Mobile Viewer (which presumably you already downloaded).

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